✓✓✓ How To Fix steam_api.dll Missing Error Windows 10/8.1/7

No Skills- Short video will show you How To Fix steam_api.dll Missing Error

By following my method you can fix steam_api missing problem. By downloading steam_api dll you can fix the problem in Windows 10/8.1/7

You are trying to install a program and then a window pop ups where “The program can’t start because steam_api.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling” is writen.

Maybe you’ll try reinstalling again. But I’m assuring you the popup windows will appear again “steam_api.dll is missing from your computer”. Because the problem is in your visual c++ not in the program you want to install.

Things you’ll have to do to fix steam_api.dll missing problem are:

1. First Open your favoutite browser
2. Search for steam_api.dll
3. Download. Make sure you select your own version and bits of windows
4. You’ll find a Zip file as the download completes
5. Open the zip file. There must be 2 file. 1. steam_api.dll 2. read me.
6. Copy steam_api.dll
7. Paste to: Local disk C:WindowsSystem32 in your computer
8. Restart your computer. That’s all

I hope by following this method you can easily fix steam_api.dll missing error in windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7

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43 Replies to “✓✓✓ How To Fix steam_api.dll Missing Error Windows 10/8.1/7”

  1. Hey, I know this video is kinda old but I really need help. I'm gonna be honest, I downloaded 2 games (Dark Souls PTDE and Don't Starve) I did not buy them. The thing is they worked on an old laptop (very laggy) but they worked, now I have a new, more decent laptop and this error shows up. I did this, and still didn't work, do you think it has something to do with the antivirus? As I said, it's new and it comes with this shitty McAfee, but I don't receive any pop up from it so I don't know if that's the problem. HELP PLEASE!

  2. this is so helpful! I hope there`s a lot of people like you! you`re a hero dude, thanks a lot!!!

  3. Actually my pc is 64 bit and I have to start the amazing Spider-Man 2 game I have done all the steps showed in video but still it is not starting but it is not showing that api dll is missing from your computer but the game is also not starting please give me solution

  4. When i restarted my pc its not opening and its saying recovery your pc needs to recovery tools

  5. You is a dummy that does not work and its the same laptop is yours you dufis
    Just don't make how to video if you know if it is correct😡

  6. I tried to inatall gta 5 in my co.puter but it says unrac dll is from your compuer and shows error code 11

  7. It work but the next problem isfailed to initialize steam. Pleas tech evolution help me to fix that

  8. It says now "the procedure entry point SteamUGC could not be located in the dynamic link library…"

  9. I copied it but it didnt open and some files started copiying automatically one of them were GTAV.exe916.STEAMSTART

  10. Not working.. i m trying to install call of duty modern warfare 2 after installation its shows me that the steam_api.dll is missing.. i applied your solution but it doesn't fixed my problem.. i want to know how to fixed it…

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