4 "Fake" Minecraft Pocket Edition Apps!

Here are 4 “fake” Minecraft Pocket Edition apps that I thought I would share with you guys. What do you think of them?

Ecko’s video:

Apps in the video:

SimpleCraft 2: Biomes –
Exploration Lite –
MultiCraft ― Free Miner! –
Play World Craft : Survive –
About me –
Hey there guys, what’s up!? The Android Miner here (but you can call me Kerry), and welcome to my channel. I record and upload Minecraft Pocket Edition content. Feel free to subscribe so you’re notified when I next upload a video. Thanks!
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30 Replies to “4 "Fake" Minecraft Pocket Edition Apps!”

  1. It looks like payback tune music game this game is really fun I heard this music before in the I mean nice in Payback 2

  2. Theres a one fake minecraft that took the trailers of the REAL Minecraft!
    I dont remember whats its called btw
    Reply if you see the ad but not a real Minecraft

  3. I just hate when fake Minecraft devs copy minecraft gameplay and put it as their ad. Absolutely disgusted.

  4. Im romania there are alot illegal,yes illegal minecraft ripoffs illegal minecraft ripoffs=old minecraft retextured

    Edit:btw….the firsf and second app is minetest ripoff and i think minetest is open sorce

  5. I installed a random one and I got a virus be cause I got spammed with Pictures of minecraft on my Mobile in the past

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