6 Funny Skin Tricks in Minecraft!

Here is a short video on how you can manipulate your skin to trick your friends in minecraft! 😀

I know most of you clever people will have seen a bunch of these before but I’m hoping there is at least ONE you haven’t seen before or made you laugh ^.^


Delivery Grian:

Backwards Grian:

Upsidedown Grian:

Clothed Grian:

Command block command:

Thank you to:

Skin maker “Majo_Ellen”
Skin help “Energyxxer”
Command block help “Tantibus”
Actor “dtyn8”
Actor “Leon24”
Actor “Broettinger”
Actor “Kopperston”

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45 Replies to “6 Funny Skin Tricks in Minecraft!”

  1. Grian: “repeatedly thrusting the air”
    Also Grian: “so you can strip in front of your friends”
    Also also Grian: is subscribed to a channel called”Ninja Sex Party”
    Me: hmm what you been up to Grian?

  2. I always thought that the “high pixel type” skin’s shoulders where really high

    I I
    I OwO I Like this

  3. how to get poultry man's mask i know this is grians video and poultry man does not have a channel but i have theory your friends with poultry man

  4. At 3:26 theres actually a way to do that if you aren't logged in… nickname yourself dinnerbone

  5. If you are in Skywars, Bedwars, etc. You can use the first skin to look forwards to the enemies, and they'll think you're looking back, so you'll hit get them all of the sudden

  6. If you make your name dinnerbone you can just be upside down with your actual legs in the air

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