Adobe Photoshop CS5 – My Top 5 Favorite Features

Adobe has released the NEW Creative Suite 5 and I thought I would share with you my Top 5 Favorite Features in Photoshop CS5. There are certainly many more new features than you’ll see here, but these are definitely among my favorites. Learn more at or

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24 Replies to “Adobe Photoshop CS5 – My Top 5 Favorite Features”

  1. Awesome! I've watched this maybe 10 times. Possibly more. Great basic overview of these new(ish) features. Thank you. You can see some of these techniques put to use in our new superhero documentary. Well, actually, you can't really see them because they are virtually invisible, but seriously, they are there on our graphics and photos. Check out our trailer if you like superheroes and you like documentaries : )

  2. I purchased this software just for these amazing new features. Thanks for your video, very informative.

  3. The content aware fill is probably one of the coolest pieces of "tech" I've ever seen.. It's almost like magic..

  4. This is now one of my  top-go-to" videos!  I just learned some new techniques!!!!  I'll be looking for more from you….

  5. Amazing Favourites which will now become mine #love  your tutorials keep up the hard work #terrywhite  🙂

  6. Hello Terry, This is my first time commenting on YouTube so I hope I can find this again later. Any way I know this is 4 years old but My CS5 doe not show the Tree radio buttons that include the "CONTENT-AWARE" selection. Is there a different way that I can activate this tool option?  My version is V12.1 x64.    Thanks   Rick D.

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