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  1. I just got my army bomb in the mail so just watching a whole lot of videos to see what else there is!

  2. Why do I feel like the ver. 1 was bigger???

    But seriously I think ver.2 and 3 are the best because the lights change colours and Bluetooth works…


  3. I'm an A.R.M.Y since Boy in Luv era but Never been on any Fansigning nor Bts concert🙈Also doesn't even have any version of army bomb. But I have merch thou😄But still It's so hard being a poor
    I-Army😭 Who's with me my fam armys?👋😁
    Btw new subscriber here✋😉

  4. i believe youre a new army bcs u dont know about the logo thing but i just dont like the way u talk about negative side of something

  5. I’m not planning to get an army bomb until I know I’m going to a concert 😂 it’s more worth it.

  6. I have the same problem oOf When I connect my Army bomb ver3 on the Bluetooth after a few seconds later it automatically disconnects I don't kno why lmaO

  7. I bought the ver 1 by accident and was debating if I should by the ver 3 instead when I get to concert itself cos I don’t want to be the only one with just one colour while the rest have fancy army bombs with their colours but I’m happy that I got ver 1 because it’s big and it’s my first time going to see them live so why not bring the first army bomb they ever made😂 and I should be grateful that I even have one cos there are other army’s who can not afford one in the first place sooooo yh

  8. i think if bighit were to create another army bomb it would be with a usb charger so that you can charge your lightstick even if you’re in the concert

  9. Damn sister😂😂 i really appreciate this video👌👌💕💕 most people don't make this kind of videos, sooo, thnk u very much 🙂

    Edit: i love the way how u say "every f*cking color" when ur reviewing the Ver3 😂😂😂

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