21 Replies to “Asus ROG STRIX G Review – G531GT Gaming Laptop!”

  1. There's no need to delete the stutters in your speech for having a perfect idea flow, it's okay if you said "aaah, umm" every now and then.
    Deleting those spaces made the talk speed a little bit faster than average.

  2. its a laptop i paid 999$ for in canada where it is regularly like 1399$, at 1399$ i would say no, mainly becus of the the negative points witch shud all easily be their for that price not to mention, a better CPU But when u find this on sale as i did its actually a very good laptop, slap in some Extra ram and another hard drive and your golden. the speakers are indeed underwhelming but they actually Sound very good, but who cares when ur gaming ur going to wear headphones, if thats not for you then go spend 2 Grand on a laptop, They hit all the important stuff for a budget gaming laptop

  3. where did you get it from I can't change specs in amazon I don't need the bottom rgb light and need the 1660ti version but I don't know where to get it from

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