Best food court in Yangon, Myanmar

In this video we review the Food Streat food court inside the Junction City Mall in Yangon.We are joined by guest guide Khin who will show us around the food court and taste various foods on offer. Food Streat offers both traditional Myanmar cuisine as well as other famous cuisines such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese food. Junction City Mall is the largest and most popular mall in central Yangon. The Food Streat food court is located on it’s top floor and gives a good view of Yangon.


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33 Replies to “Best food court in Yangon, Myanmar”

  1. Your accent Rakhine hurts: say it like the Burmese fast – Ra-Khin, soft on the "i" drop the letter "e" it is a nasal sound ending like ng

  2. It is a great video but just one thing, the way she taste food way too wrong it make us feel like food is not delicious. Eg. Nobody eat Rakhine Mote Ti with chopstick in myanmar. Cause the main taste of mote ti is soup. It is funny when she eat the noodle and said it is delicious. This is not chinese food at all. Great job.

  3. I am a Bangladeshi. I want to travel to Myanmar, but I am a Muslim what will be the difficulty. In fact, in Myanmar. Because the Rohingya Muslim refugees take refuge in our country. Because the Myanmar army tortured them. I can travel to myanmar

  4. I've watched so many of your yt videos on Yangon and enjoy them very much. Your guest speakers and/or guides have all been the best part of the series, but I have to say Khin is hands down the best I've seen yet when it comes to food.

    I'm a bit of a foodie and Khin does food better than any of the other guests you've had on that I know of. I suggest you keep that in consideration as it seems to be a constant problem in your videos. Some of us require a little more food feedback other than "this is good".

    Good job Khin and Hi from Portland Oregon!!

  5. ….Pleasantly modern and huge…The sweet & sour bowl was my favorite and at $1.60 you'd be hard- pressed to get a cold can of broccoli & cheese in the states for that price…..That designer jeans jacket she's got on is about $100.00 USD last time I checked…

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