BEST TRAVEL Bags, Backpack & Organizational Items 2019 Haul | How to pack like a pro | Miss Louie

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Today I’m rounding up my latest & greatest favorite travel bags, backpacks, pouches and storage items! I am a total NUT when it comes to organizational goodies. I am constantly hunting and trying new things to better my traveling experiences, so I wanted to share all my favorite finds with you. Below you will find the featured items with affordable alternatives. Anything you guys want me to try out for you? Let me know in the comments! Love you & have a beautiful day! XO -Erica

– CLOSET ESSENTIALS Every Woman Should Own:
– Affordable Spring to Summer Outfits:

➥ I’m wearing
Striped sweater [XXS]
Jeans (in thumbnail) [24 ankle]

✨ BACKPACK @1:11
➫ eBags Mother Lode Weekender JUNIOR [$99] & LARGE
➫ Laptop sleeve [$22]

✔ Affordable options
– Travel laptop backpack [$29] & [20]
– XL backpack [$44]

✨ DUFFLES @2:42
➫ AWAY Everywhere Bag [$195]
➫ AWAY Weekender Duffle *NEW, gifted* [$245]

➫ AWAY Suitcases featured:
– The Large [$295]
– The Bigger Carry-On [$245]
* READ my AWAY suitcase review here:

✔ Affordable hardside luggage set [$189 for 3 pieces]

➫ DAGNE DOVER Landon Carryall Duffle Bag in LARGE [$185]

Also AVAILABLE in the following sizes:
– XL
– Medium
– Small
– XS

✔ Affordable options
– Large canvas duffle [$32]
– Foldable travel duffle with hidden shoe pouch
[$22] (small)
[$26] (medium)
[$32] (large)

(set of 6) [$65]
(set of 4) [$45]

➫ eBags
(set of 6) [$38] &
(set of 4) [$29]
(set of 3)

➫ Dot&Dot
LRG (set of 4) [$29]
MED (set of 4) [$25]
SML (set of 4) [$19]

✔ Affordable options
– 7 piece set (4 cubes,1 shoe bag, 2 toiletry bags) [$24]
– 8 piece set (3 cubes, 3 laundry pouches) [$15]

✨ SHOE BAGS @8:55
➫ Cute patterned small shoe bags [$10]
➫ Black large shoe bags [$11]

➫ eBags Hanging Toiletry Kit (my small size is sold out, similar ones) [$18] + [$12]
* Comes in (MED) [$15] & (LRG) [$17]

➫ DAGNE DOVER Hunter bag (XL) in Dune [$75] & (L) in Grey [$55]

➫ AWAY hard case [$35] (Sold Out)
* DUPES HERE [$16] & more colors

✔ Some Amazon best sellers
– SUPER CUTE hanging bag [$13]
– Divider bag [$19]
– (Jeremy uses & loves this one) [$29]

– Rectangle [$44]
* OR these $10-15 dupes! &

– Square [$36] & in metallic
OR $15 dupe set

Black train hard case with dividers [$18] & in large

– Clear mini pouch [$40]
– Clear small pouch [$48]
* OR this adorable set [$14]

– Small case [$88]
– Jumbo double sided case [$125]
* OR these affordable ones [$16]

– Brush case [$50] & marble
Affordable options!

➫ Plaid pouches [$11]

➫ Monster silicone squeezable bottles [$11]
➫ Silicone jars (great for pills) [$8]

FTC: This video was not sponsored, however, AWAY gifted me the luggage, cubes & bags to use for my content over the past year. All other items were purchased w/personal funds & all opinions are my own. Some links above are affiliate. THANK YOU for your endless love & support! Xo -E

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30 Replies to “BEST TRAVEL Bags, Backpack & Organizational Items 2019 Haul | How to pack like a pro | Miss Louie”

  1. hello Louie, We're big fans of your YouTube channel and are interested in collaborating on an upcoming series.
    Your style looks like a great match for our campaign and we love teaming up with influencers like you. I'd like to send you a Ultralight Sports Duffel/ Packable Backpack to review on YouTube in the content format of your choice. We'll also offer a discount (20%off) to your followers on their first purchase! Look forward to your reply. Thanks a lot.

  2. Какая же ты классная!!😍
    Я ничего не поняла что ты говоришь, но мне и не надо понимать, так как ты все очень подробно показываешь! Очень рада что я нашла тебя!🌺🌺🌺

  3. Can you take the Away Weekender and/or Ebags Backpack along with a carry on luggage on the plane (combo of luggage + duffle/backpack)/ not check in?

  4. Absolutely the BEST travel videos! I watched hours of videos, as I prep for my International trip. Love your detailed and straightforward information. Also your edits are amazing!!! Thank you! New subscriber.

  5. gee do you not fly anywhere with all that makeup stuff & a lot of it liquids? With the TSA 3-3-1 rule we can't be putting all this stuff in all these wonderful bags & still get through security scanning. back to my ziplocks

  6. I have 4 pieces of the Mother Lode collection: 2 of the backpacks and the 21” and 25” roll-a-boards. I agree with you and HIGHLY recommend them! I also have the eBags packing cubes and the black shoe bags. I have s different toiletry bag, but also have a hanging one – a MUST for me. TIP, take a command hook and tape for hotels that don’t have anyplace to hang it. It happens a LOT more than you’d think!

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