BTS Army Bomb Lightstick: Real Ver. 3 vs Fake Ver. 1

My authentic BTS Army Bomb Lightsticks came in yesterday so I figured this was a great time for compare and contrast. Spoiler alert: Only one lightstick actually worked.

I live in the U.S. and I ordered my Version 3 lightstick here:

Edit: I stuffed a bit of paper into the bottom cap of my lightstick handle and it pushed the battery casing up enough to make it work.


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22 Replies to “BTS Army Bomb Lightstick: Real Ver. 3 vs Fake Ver. 1”

  1. Okay, so I’m really confused. So I got a army bomb from Walmart, and it’s not connecting to the app.. But I don’t think that Walmart would sell fake army bombs, cause ya know it‘S like a real store that sells official albums. Someone hellppppp 🙁 ( btw I’m in Canada )

  2. I bought mine at the bts pop up store so im not gonna worry. And its so much cheaper. This video is very helpful though

  3. Oh no.. 🤦‍♀ I do not know whom to believe anymore… 😭😭 please help me so that what I buy is not fake. 🙏🙏🙏

    P.s. No hard feeling💜

  4. You for got to take off the foam at the top of the battery holder. It looks like foam and it’s on the battery holder of the real one and you have to take it off for it to work

  5. can someone please answer my question?? I just bought my army bomb vers 3 on weply.. it doesn't have the hologram silver bts label but it does had the hologram golden bighit label.. I kinda worried though then I checked inside the box.. everything is just like what I see when ppl unboxing the ver3.. I got two phones so I download the app on both of my phones (I use both Samsung) but the funny things is I can connect immediately with one of my phones and struggle to connect it with my second phone.. I got more worried and scan through the barcode and I'm being brought to bighit official website and then weply website.. I got my rewards point for buying the official one.. and now I see mostly the ppl who did the unboxing had the bts hologram sticker but mine was golden bighit sticker and I'm confused if mine was real or fake

  6. I only asked my aunt from U.S. to buy me an Army Bomb, and she asked me how to know if one is fake.

    help how should i answer her

  7. My dad order me an army bomb on manduapparel and I’m kinda scared of my army bomb not working even tho I know that sell official stuff 🥺

  8. sooo I tried getting an ARMY bomb by signing in the BIGHIT shop but I also go to look at the selection of merch (not albums because I already have all of those lol) and EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT IMT ALKING E V E R Y T H I N G SO IF YOU TRY TO BUY AN ARMY BOMB NOW our garenteed to be on a waiting list

  9. Thats why I bought mine from the actual store when I went to a concert, so i am 100 percent sure its fine

  10. My qr says it’s been redeemed but it connects to the app and blue tooth and when I tried doing concert mode that’s when everything went wrong. And now I’m unsure if my army bomb is real or fake for example when I went to the concert in WEMBELY I tried connecting my army bomb to the concert mode and it let me put in my details and when my seat details went through the colour changing happened so it went through each colour. There was an option below to click yes and when I tried it didn’t let me click it which was really annoying and then I went to the pairing booth and they said it might be fake but it almost connected on concert mode!! Someone please help me as I want to know if my army bomb is fake or real! Please dm me on Instagram at Sameeraaaas so I can send pictures of the box and the army bomb itself 🙂 thank you (plus when I scan my qr barcode it sends me from the big hit website to weply which is an app that big hit are partnered up with and I don’t think you can scan your qr code on the actual big hit website anymore as I couldn’t do that and it only allows me to get my NX points from the weply app, I know this for a fact because my persona albums that I brought recently are real and I received my NX points through weply!) btw I got my army bomb from Kpop Omo but they ran out of stock hence why they are not selling them anymore! I emailed them and they said the army bomb is real and official

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