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27 Replies to “Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers NES Walkthrough HQ High quality”

  1. I learned my cousin to play this game so we could play this together 😂

    Now, i, when i don't have a nes, i play this on ps4 😂

  2. I just noticed they referenced this game in their comic series from 2010, when Dale throws a crate to one of those robot dogs

  3. I remember my first time playing i didn't die until the caterpillar I didn't die as much as you do on that game loser

  4. Hahaha I love Fat Cat's attack. Ashing out his cigar on a rodent. You'd never see that today 😂

  5. This was a hard game back in the days and my mom always yells at me when the tv over heats hahaha , so addictive. hahahaha

  6. The little details make this game beautiful. (No pun). Things like the sweat when he carries the apple

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