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42 Replies to “Company of Heroes 2 – Gameplay Trailer”

  1. this will be epic but they seriously need to give SLI support for this game. its a 2013 PC exclusive with no SLI or crossfire

  2. What EA wanted to do and thought they were doing as they slowly killed off Command and Conquer. This company knows what it's doing with Company of Hetoes.

  3. wtf june 24 I think they said " it will be right ahead on the corner starting on summer" they are so mad at us well, I hope they bring the king tiger, the fear Luftwaffe gorund forces, storm troopers and the fallshiemjeager  

  4. How come the Pacific Theater is never done?? Save for the CoD game, that's all that I can really remember that used that setting.

  5. So this are the ultraphotorealistic incredible 4k amazing graphics that PC gamers say they have? not impressed

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