Convert Table in a PDF File to Excel

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Have you ever wanted to get a data table in from a PDF file into excel so you could do some further analysis or charting? There’s not a PDF to Excel converter capability though some websites have tools to do this for you (but if you have confidential information you’d wouldn’t want to upload it to a 3rd party site). One way to extract or import a table in from a PDF file is to use an intermediary application and Microsoft already makes one….Word! This is probably the best way to do it if you already have Office applications since it is free (it’s almost like copy and paste). You don’t need to go online to use any tools, so see how this could be done quickly and easily 🙂

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20 Replies to “Convert Table in a PDF File to Excel”

  1. Thanks Doug, I failed a management accounting exam last year because I messed up on copying over vast amounts of data from tables, and missed a few key ones in the clutter. Your video made this much easier for me as I am prepping for the re-exam

  2. My .pdf, when I open in Word, opens as an image. If I try to highlight the table, the whole image highlights. Did I scan the docs to .pdf incorrectly?

  3. This is fine for a table that is able to sit on a single screen. What if I have a pdf table that goes across 50 pages!!~!~! I cannot select the entire table!~!!!!!

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