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8 Replies to “Dementia 13 (1963) by Francis Ford Coppola”

  1. I'm Happy to see this movie-I have it on DVD-but the DVD player is not hooked up. I Like U Tube better 😍😎🤗

  2. Hmm – thought that one actor looked familiar. William Campbell was in two Star Trek episodes – played Trelane and Koloth, and reprised the role of Koloth in Deep Space Nine.

  3. There is a 81 minute version of this but for some odd reason, no one can find it. The versions on DVD etc. are not the full version either.

  4. Doesn’t anyone, anywhere, even Roger Corman himself, have the uncut theatrical version with the D13 prologue, when audiences had to “pass” a test to see the movie itself? Even TCM keeps airing the cut 75-min version.

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