DO YOU REMEMBER?- Windows 95 Games 2- Chip's Challenge

Ah, Chip’s Challenge. One of the first “You need X to X!” puzzle games. Incredibly fun! This is the first 10 levels, as 10 is a nice number. I may upload more in the future, but this works for this segment of DO YOU REMEMBER?- obscure computer tidbits from the 90s-early00s! This game is from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3.

Coming up next- a mysterious screensaver I bet nobody else remembers!


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32 Replies to “DO YOU REMEMBER?- Windows 95 Games 2- Chip's Challenge”

  1. Played this all the time, music drove me nuts though. I liked it if you made a mistake and he would say "bummer".

  2. I'm around 4 or 5 years old at the time.
    I played this with Home Alone 2, a sled game and some other games.
    I don't even know how to play them or their title but I definitely remember the games themselves.

  3. I used to enjoy playing this game but I loved the tunes even more. However, one tune is missing from this video.

  4. This brings back so many childhood memories! I still remember where my cousin almost beat me up cuz I forgot to write some passwords down

  5. Holy shit I remember this game. My brother and I played it on our old computer when I was a kid

  6. You can play this game on TILE WORLD!!!! Get it here!
    Just copy CHIPS.DAT into Tile World 2 folder. Follow the instructions on website!
    Support MS version and Lynx version! Note, Lynx version are smooth than MS version!

  7. fun facts: press crtl+K to be able to skip levels without needing a password. If you still want to play the game you can either 1. use a virtual machine to emulate an older version of Windows 2. Download the fan-created TileWorld or 3. Buy the game along with chips challenge 2 from Steam

  8. ive been searching for this game for almost 2 ecades now. could never remember the name. googled "90s pc game involving keys" and this popped up right away. most vague google search ever and here it is!!!!!!

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