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41 Replies to “Dota 2 But Neutral Tier 4 and 5 Items Only”

  1. How that he is not lasthitting/deny creep and not using essence ring then die are so triggering. Wtf

  2. Malaysia funny course, game need to know well to kill an enermy in dota, it just killing, not about know what task to achieved to further know what happen hero and this hero, desribe how it should play, is not the way, you need a guide.

  3. why not buying aghs and moon shard? and a rapier instead oft the 2nd stygian so you have true strike against wr

  4. I watch youtube for 5 years and just realized, this is old video. Still entertaining af, thx for you hard work, Baumi 😉

  5. Pirate hats isn't useless. I've encountered sniper with pirate hat. Man you cant get inside the base

  6. Complains about not getting items have a habit of running away from creeps after every last hit… 🙂

  7. Implement the idea but make sure that the original version can be reapplied if it failed. As long as the game won't break, it will be fine. The producers won't have time for the intricacies of the game to a pro gamer level like the balance or meta.

  8. As a programer, no. You NEVER impliment a last minute change. It will always mess up at the worst possible time and dick you over. Always show off known good code.

  9. Make freaking, DOTA 2 BU YOU CAN DROP ITEMS ON DEATH, And it's depends on percentage, you can drop 1, you can drop all 6 items. That would be nice

  10. sorry but, thats why u are 1k.. u cant play doto, your content is just for fun, but playing trash is not fun for me.

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