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26 Replies to “Dota 2 But Talent Trees Are Inverted”

  1. Why don't you play normal Dota anymore? Last time i watched you was like 2 3 years ago. And now i just missed u and ur friends voice but where's everyone?

  2. Disappointed by ur comments on international! How is it boring to you or are you getting jelous of all those casters. You are not even playing competitive dota bro..please these mods are bit intresting but nt competitive..

  3. imagine invoker…. cataclysm at lv 15 and exort builds already max exort lvls at that point…

  4. Not sure if there's a mode, but I think of an idea. Dota 2 but there's no chances. Any % chance are converted to a sure hit every #hits. For example, 25% chance is every 4 hit. 10% chance is every 10 hit. 5% is every 20 hit

  5. श्रीभ�¤- �वानुवाच
    ऊर�¥- �ध्वमूलमधः शाखमश्वत्थ- ं प्राहुरव्य- यम्‌ ।
    छन्दांसि यस्य पर्णानि यस्तं वेद स वेदवित्‌ ॥-15.1

  6. I don't blame you Baumi, Purge is kind of just a boring individual, he is great for data and info, but is about as entertaining as drywall.

  7. This kind of proves the point that you should not mess with the gold/experience gain values. It messes up the balance of the game completely for what, 10 minutes faster games?

  8. Baumi, I am realy sorry. I've been watching your videos almost every day for more then three years and now I feel like I've got to move on, couse I am done with dota related content. Feel kinda bad about it cause your videos was really uplifting to me. I hope your card game will be great and successfull. Goodbye.

  9. Someone please make the following Dota Buts:
    Every five minutes all values are increased by 1 or decreased by 1 (It's random which) and everyone has storm spirit's voice.

    420 and 69 and everyone has storm spirit's voice.

    If anyone does that, I would offer 12% of a human soul that someone gave me.

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