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30 Replies to “Dota 2 But Talents x10”

  1. You know what I've just imagined?

    Deck game where ALL deck is created randomly BUT the cards you draw are on you. Like, you see it whole at the start and choose the sequence of drawing. Yeah…

  2. Your idea for someone to keep playing their deck until they lose 2 games (in a row no less) would result in an unhealthy draft environment after the first couple hundred games are played total. The pool of opponents will be so disastrously one sided eventually that only insanely lucky drafts will have any chance of going even in mmr, and drive new players out of the game. If the average deck isn't the average opponent at games 1-3, then people will be disheartened when they get stomped. I urge you to implement some sort of limit or reset to the decks or number of wins so this doesn't happen.

  3. 14:51 "there's a storm, i just gonna stay away"
    Baumi your hero is literally made out of STORM. 😂

  4. It was painful to watch how unfair it was that Queen of Pain just went godmode
    Also that one Kaya away from victory, maybe I'll sleep tonight

  5. With your chroma MMR, let people roll with sick ass drafted decks as long as they can win, but maybe give diminishing mmr impact based on the number of times they've played with that deck, then here's the thing: Give them the opportunity to retire a deck and share it on their profile with the win statistics if it has more wins than the deck they have currently shared. You'll get people trying to get high wins on wacky decks that should not win just to swag, but someone going nutty with an awesome deck one time won't push them too far out of their range. It also means if you draft crap you're still incentivized to try to win a few games to reduce the negative impact to your MMR.

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