Dota 2 How to (Fix High Ping, Packet Loss, and Low FPS) WORKING 100% | Secrets Steps No one Knows

Dota 2 Reduce Ping, Increase Fps, and Reduce Packet Loss Works

Hello guys, Im here to teach you how to Fix Dota 2 Packet Loss, High Ping, and Low FPS. Dota 2 is experiencing lags now like packet loss, low fps, and high ping so if you watch this video this will surely fix those dota 2 lags without downloading any software.

Sorry for the bad Video Quality my pc is wooden so accept and don’t put negatives comment. Sorry for the long video and no microphone voice i really have weird voices, Keep positive guys ☃ ☃ ☃✌✌✌☮ ☮ ☮


#1 0:13-4:17 Regedit Weaks – Improve online gameplay and
reduces ping and packet loss (both lower ping and packet loss)
#2 4:18-5:30 Gpedit bandwidth tweaks – Speed up Internet and
unlimited bandwidth (lower ping in dota 2)
#3 5:31-6:37 Services tweaks – Stop running in the background
(which uses bandwidth) to reduce packet loss in Dota 2
#4 6:39-7:38 Disk cleanup – Cleans your pc to increases memory
performance (Increases Fps in Dota 2)
#5 7:49-8:51 Disk defragmenter – Defrag pc and increases memory
memory performances (Increases FPS in Dota 2)
#6 8:52-9:50 Device Manager – Upgrade driver to maximize game
graphics and online performance (Increases FPS and
decreases ping and packet loss in Dota 2)
#7 9:51-10:44 Adjust for best performance to speed up pc and of
of course the game performances (Maximises gaming
performances and reduces lag in Dota 2)
#8 10:46-13:27 Adjust Dota 2 Settings to Low and Network Quality
to low-end (Increases FPS and Lower Packet Loss and Ping in
Dota 2)

13:41 What DK says?

My Computer Specs
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220
CPU: 3.30Ghz
Ram: 4.00 GB
System Type: 64-bit
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22 Replies to “Dota 2 How to (Fix High Ping, Packet Loss, and Low FPS) WORKING 100% | Secrets Steps No one Knows”

  1. i done doing all of that but my dota's graphic looked like pixel
    -how can i go back to my origin settings

  2. Thanks man, it works. i have core i7 9700, gtx 1660 oc, 16gb ram.Before i did it, my pc was lagging when i play dota 2, althought i reintall windows 10

  3. I dont have second folder to put that TCPAck Files to =( i did it with one folder were i had my ip and such , but you have 2 folders..

  4. You Really are amazing Thanks a lot!!! it actually fix my issue! You deserve not only lots of subscriber but instead you deserve a Great blessing thanks for sharing your knowledge!! More POWER!

  5. WTF… it doesnot lag in demo and while you are in setting… that can be done in offline mode also so how it is supposed to work? there is no logic in that part… i am not sure about other part too.

  6. can someone please help me it when I typed "gpedit.msc" it says windows cannot find gpedit.msc please help

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