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10 Replies to “Edit Microsoft Office documents in Google Drive”

  1. hmm didnt work for me ?? I have used google and Excel for years, and I am in a situation where I cannot edit a .CSV file on google drive, i cant even replace it for use in Data Studio,…. I installed the Extension fine, when I click on .CSV file on MYDRIVE it goes to the same old screen , does not open the extension as you showed…. help !

  2. When I open resume template – everything changes. I can't get the document in previous view :(( don't know how to solve it

  3. im getting a chromebook & i edit some word docs & excel on dropbox & this will hopefully make my purchase of a CB alot better ,, thanks for this video ,, do u have more tips for chromebooks also ?

  4. Bloomfield *Try website Xuesoftware . Com . Everything ok , genuine key ,fast shiping, great *

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