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26 Replies to “(ENG/ESP) BTS A.R.M.Y. – Fan Army Face Off”

  1. sides of army

    1. The meme dealer

    2. broque TM

    3. wattpadians

    4. “fuck me daddy” -sis

    5. merch and die

    6. fan art

    7. bts shitposters on utube

  2. Yes! Yes! I heard people say that it’s okay to loose. But I really don’t think so. They have poured their blood , sweat, and tears, I don’t don’t mean this as a joke, I mean this literally, to make us happy and smile. The least that we can do is show our love for them. Please share and spam every, social media, YouTube, and other aminos to got vote!!!

  3. I love BTS a lot!❤ I love them for not only being great artists but also being themselves.😍 #BTSForLife #BTS

  4. I honestly have nothing to hide because I am not like some of the weird creepy ARMYs who make moan videos and stuff. It creeps me out and disgusts me. I feel bad that BTS have to go with that. BTS are human beings, treat them like so.

  5. Armys let's continue to vote please 🙏🙏💞 !!!! Let's not lower our arms .. The kids NEED US !!!! Thanks 😄😍😘😘😘

  6. gracias!!! Ya quería saber que era lo que decían ✌❤❤❤
    me encanto las palabras de namjoon al empezar el vídeo ❤

  7. they need to watch the crack videos to see how fcked up this fandom is….or the moan videos???…god we're all fcked

  8. Crap we have been discovered, quick hide😂😂😂 I just hopd they haven't reached the deep and sinful parts of ARMY but they probably already did😣😣😂😂

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