Excel can't get rid of column 1 column 2 header names fix

One of my students accidentally converted her data into a table in Excel, and all these random headings called “column 1” and “column 2” showed up, and she can’t get rid of that row by using the normal delete row function. Here’s the tutorial on how to get rid of those column names / headers and how to convert the table back into normal cells.

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4 Replies to “Excel can't get rid of column 1 column 2 header names fix”

  1. The only video that's helped me delete rows from templates! THANK YOU!! Perhaps a rename, 'how to delete rows in templates' TX SO MUCH once again!

  2. If you want to keep that header row, but just get rid of the "Column x" input that won't normally delete – convert to range will keep all formatting but the rules won't apply to the table. You can delete from there. Found under table design ribbion

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