Excel Online vs. Google Sheets (NO YOUTUBE ADS)

Which is better, Google Sheets or Excel Online (Microsoft’s free online spreadsheet program)? The differences are narrowing, but there is one clear winner. Many features are compared side by side in the first six minutes of the video:

00:30 – Excel Online overview
02:00 – Examples using Excel Online
03:25 – Google Sheets overview
04:30 – Google Sheets example
05:30 – Excel Online online survey and collaboration
06:30 – Opening Excel files in Google Sheets using Office Compatibility Mode

The video is narrated by Ian Lamont, author of Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes and Excel Basics In 30 Minutes.

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20 Replies to “Excel Online vs. Google Sheets (NO YOUTUBE ADS)”

  1. hi there. I believe there are filters in Excel Online. may be a new feature but I am sure there are filters now available. Click on "format as table" in "Home" tab and there they are.

  2. Hi Ian. I'm hoping that you might be able to help me out. I'm in an online investment group and I was chosen to help create a spreadsheet that lists roughly 200 stocks. I'm currently using Google sheets, with many of Google's IMPORTXML functions, pulling multiple bits of info, from several different websites – dividend info, expense ratios, market caps, etc… As you may have guessed, I'm getting way too many #NA, in random cells. I've read that I can only import so many IMPORTXML codes per sheet, so I thought I could create a bunch of individual sheets, with 25 or so codes per sheet, then have my main sheet import info from these individual sheets. I hope that makes sense. For instance, my main sheet will have cells that retrieve info from sheet2!F13, for example. I have roughly 66 sub-sheets that the main sheet is pulling data from. I guess my question is – if I chose to use Excel, instead of Google Sheets, will I be running into that same #N/A issue? Does Excel allow me to import data like Google Sheets' IMPORTXML function? I'm trying to eliminate having to keep chasing these #N/A. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  3. hi, nice video,
    can i ask some more,
    how many cell limit for google spreadsheet and excel online?
    which is faster to work when there is so many data?
    which is run faster to run with javascript?
    and which is have better security?

  4. Best comparison ever!!! You show the true about these two without being a Google or Microsoft fanboy. Take my like and share.

  5. Your beef with Excel online is it doesn't have a "filter" button? Format the data as a table, which Sheets cannot do, and and filter away. Also, you get the added benefits of using structured references that come along with a table.

  6. I have an excel document that has been emailed to me
    I do not have excel on my computer I refuse to pay for it
    Would I still be able to open it in excel online or in google sheets

  7. I struggled to embed an editable sheet into a blog…Google Sheets was not great for this..but Excel Online sheet..great.

  8. Dude,

    Video is informative but you missed the part, you didn't actually convert the excel file to google spreadsheets but just opened in office accessibility mode. Once uploaded to google drive, excel can be converted to google sheets n you can achieve almost all the stuffs. This is happening since ages

  9. Great video! Just my opinion, but for me Google Sheets is sooo much better than either Excel. All of the little quirks that Excel had annoyed me with forever are not there in Sheets. I'm extremely happy I switched.

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