Fan Army Face-Off 2017: T-Ara And Liam Payne Compete For Championship | Billboard News

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It’s finally here: the final round of Fan Army Face-Off is on until Aug. 30! This year, our two armies battling it out for Fan Army championship are seasoned veterans T-ara’s #Queens and newcomer Liam Payne. This face-off is sure to be an interesting one indeed.

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18 Replies to “Fan Army Face-Off 2017: T-Ara And Liam Payne Compete For Championship | Billboard News”

  1. T-ARA ALWAYS WIN,MYBE WILL GET THE 3rd WIN THIS YEAR AT FAN ARMY AND I'M NO SHOCK ANYMORE BECAUSE THEY HAVE A BIG FANDOM..Billboard not a low chart right? STILL CAN HACK?Come on,dont use your close mind..They still a legend in their own country though they get a stupid scandal and now that scandal has reveale, ofcourse their old queens is comeback again (mybe not all) plus T-ara is always queens of kpop in the big country,China..They have so many queens there..T-ara result of every round is milion votes so why not if they will get the billboard crown again this year…

  2. Even though right now they're only hitting on 4 of 6 cylinders, T-ara's still
    kicking butt. Just think how awesome they'll be when all 6 are working
    together again.

  3. Why are Liam fans keep underestimating QUEENS? saying that they're using bots and hacking the site. LIIKE DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG THEIR FANDOM IS? FAN BOYS+GIRLS..sad that Got7 is out now though..FIGHTING QUEENS~

  4. C'mon Queen's let's wake up the C-Queen's, we have to win!!! ♥ T-ARA ♥!!! ………….. …………. …………… Jiyeon-Eunjung-Hyomin-Qri-Soyeon-Boram 6-ARA forever!!!

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