Feenix Plays: DIG IT! A Digger Simulator!

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► CPU: Intel i7-4790k
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► Video Card: R9 390 8GB
► Case: Corsair 750D
► Power Supply: Corsair CX 750w

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26 Replies to “Feenix Plays: DIG IT! A Digger Simulator!”

  1. Is there any of these PC based simulator games that can be operated from inside the cab seems like all of them only offer a surround view

  2. Bro u don't even know how easy and fun is to drive excavator in real life , add me on instagram , i post excavator pics time to time 😀 danije_kiclu

  3. In your defense, I'd suffer a guess the excavator you've run IRL wasn't controlled with a keyboard. 😉

  4. just for future reference, placing the blade on the ground during digging makes the machine more stable and not bounce around.

  5. great job Feenix i would love to see more of this series. i have been watching your videos for a while now, i love your lets talks.They have helped me a lot. I think that you have a good channel going here and will be at 25,00 in no time. thanks for the great content and keep up the great work.

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