First Encounter with a Phantom

Part 19 in my ‘first time playing minecraft in 6 years’ series. In this video I continue with trying to get three wither skulls, this time I take an iron golem down with me to help me with the enemies. To get the iron golem I had to get a few things and on the way back I came across a phantom (searched it after the video), at the time it was the first time ever seeing it, I thought it was some sort of pterodactyl lol but now I’m finding out that isn’t even a dinosaur

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49 Replies to “First Encounter with a Phantom”

  1. You have just ran from a phantom. They spawn at night when the player hasn't slept for three days. The less you sleep, the more will come. I think the numbers increase by one every night you dont sleep. When I was playing in survival and had not slept for 15 minecraft days because I was mining, I came up to the surface an I saw 10-12 phantoms circling my position. It was like a tornado of phantoms. I ended up dying only killing 2 of them.


  3. Bro diamonds aren't everything, come the end of the game and you'll focus on better funner things instead of shitting yourself over diamonds

  4. The purpose of enderman is basically everything leading to the end game and platinum along with pretty sick lore on minecraft (game theorists)

  5. 10:24
    Vinesauce Vinny Enters chat and sees this clip

    Vinny: Speeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

  6. Polar:my dumbass thought it was four blocks of iron i need four blocks of iron aka 32 blocks of iron

  7. This dudes childlike obsession with diamonds and disregard for nearly everything else is beyond frustrating

  8. Bud, just saying this now, I don’t recommend you to go to the nether without a bow, even if it’s a bad one.

  9. Lewis previously: Whenever I see something I don’t know I’m just gonna take it.
    Lewis this video finding a saddle and ignoring it: Oh, haven’t you heard?

  10. 0:19 the one mob that u ask the purpose of are enderman u should have said whats the purpose of zombies or skeletons or even a zombie pigmen

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