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37 Replies to “Google Sheets – Full Tutorial”

  1. I've been searching every where for this answer and cant seem to find it. On the spread sheet, in colum 1, I have a list of names going across the top. I have all of them sitting at a 45 degree angle.
    When I publish it, they are all sitting horizontally. How can I publish this with the names at a 45 degree angle?


    how to lock or protect cells after data entry or input in GOOGLE SPREADSHEET (AS WE DO IN EXCEL USING VBA PROGRAMMING )

  3. I am working in a Google spreadsheet and before I had not viewed the formula boxes but when I went into the cell it would outline the formula, meaning it would highlight the cells that were part of the formula. I changed the view to show the formula on the top and now it does not outline that formula and I cannot figure out how to do this again. I hope this makes sense it is making me crazy that I cannot figure out what the formula is by just looking at it when I'm in the formula box but have to look at the formula line on the top and figure out which cells they are.

  4. When you did the cell references. I couldn't get the number for the Operating Income. It's telling me to go to the spreadsheet settings for the calculation. I don't know how you got the number for the Operating Income.

  5. Great tutorial but didn’t find what I’m looking for.
    My source gives me data In Minutes:seconds and but it always treats it as hour:minute even when I set the format to Minutes:seconds it just adds a :00 to the end and treats it as hour:Minutes:seconds hiding the hour. Example Don McLean – American Pie-8:33. If I put this into a table instead of the duration being 8 and a half minutes. It would automatically say that the song is 8 and a half hours long. Does anyone know how to resolve this apart from changing everything everytime I pull the data.

  6. Can I set up an import range of future data that will import from another sheet every time that sheet is updated?

  7. I want to make a load out spread sheet for my Arma 3 (Video Game) unit similar to the 501st version were it has a few images as visual examples and then a list of i teams allowed under each load out picture how would I do that?

  8. Hii sir,,,i am fetching percentage change of stocks from google finenance using "changepct" attribute. Result comes but without % sign. Can u plzz help me, how can i put % symbol??

  9. Great job, thank you so much! I'll never understand why people do a thumbs down on things that are of super great value. Thanks again! 🙂

  10. No mention of formatting (to margin) Header and Footer, not exactly a "full tutorial eh sailor"?

  11. Dear sir,
    below is the URL, I want to import FnO stock’s open interest data(%chg in OI) to google sheet. is it possible?

  12. Sir,
    We have a sheet in 5 people for deta feeding. But how can I restrict edit cell when once edited. To avoid repeated entries. So please help me

  13. Sir i want to express my good gratitude towards your efforts, of producing and publishing this video training.. It really is good for us towards learning and growing with Google Sheets. Any updates on 2019 edition for us? Thank you sir

  14. Another bad example of the Sheets software now is the difficulty in making a simple chart. Say, the bond yield over consecutive weeks. It makes columns for the weeks rather than setting them as notches on the x axis for a graph, so you get two columns; then when you try to graph the line, it makes two lines. It's like they can't understand the simple chores you need to do. It should make one line with the weeks as the x axis number line. Gosh. They keep it all hidden and most arcane.

  15. The edit functions on Google sheets SUCKS! It's designed poorly. Simple things like editing column width are too hidden when they should scream at you with simplicity. And it's easy to lose data and not be able to retrieve it. It's frustrating to work with. Google engineers dropped the ball on making this user friendly need to get with the program!!!

  16. 19:28 what if you share a file that references a file that is not shared or owned by the person viewing the first shared file?

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