How I Contour & Highlight using the Anastasia Contour Kit

Where to purchase the contour kit:

Other Products I Used/Mentioned:
Beauty Blender
Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation (6W)
Nars Creamy Concealer (Custard)
MAC Prep & Prime Highlight (Light Boost)
Real Techniques Setting Brush
Sephora Pro Contour Brush #74
Essential Tools Angled Brush
Tarte Off The Cuff Blush Palette
MAC Highlight in Superb
ELF Blush Brush


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38 Replies to “How I Contour & Highlight using the Anastasia Contour Kit”

  1. I just started following you! I can't believe i just found you! I know this is an older video.. but its still awesome and a good technique!

  2. I’m like four years super late but just wanted to say that you’re so pretty 💖 & this was super helpful😊

  3. a great dupe that I have of this pallete is the contour kit from the company karity. it has the same exact colors

  4. which shade range is the contour kit tho? dont youtubers realize that this is essential for users to see how someone their skin complexion buys the right shade lol … ? i looked into the description box but i am just like her and stuck betwee light to medium and medium to dark..

  5. Loved it,’re so pretty! thanks for showing us a great way to contour with the Anastasia contour palette! 😍 New subbie!

  6. Hi rose ! This is my favorite video ! When I first started liking make up I bought my first contour palette and it was this one! I had to find the perfect video and this one was so perfect and easy for me to follow! My little cousins are just getting into makeup and this was the first video I sent to them!! #FAVEROSITAVIDEO

  7. So just watched your blog and i had to comment on this video bc this is when i started following!! Such a journey you have made and I legit am so proud/ inspired by you!! #FAVEROSITAVIDEO

  8. #faverositavideo this was the 1st video I watched of yours! I felt like you were the 1st makeup artist I watched that looked like me. Ever since, I have been loving your channel! You have come such a long way! I remember you were so uncomfortable talking to the camera! You are a serious pro now! Wishing you great success! xoxo

  9. #FAVEROSITAVIDEO because this is the video that I found you with!! Yes I still remember the first video I watched of YOU!! ❤️😊☺️

  10. Girrrrrrrl lemme tell you how and why this video right here is ONE of my favs. I can't say my fav cause I have so many but this particular one I def love because it was during the time I was learning how to contour and it was around the time when ABH launched this pallet and it was all everyone raved about and this was the very first video I clicked on to watch your first impressions/ review and I loved how you explained it and how your makeup turned out in the end. It's always one of those oldie but goodies type of video where I can keep on watching it from time to time and still be interested and entertained watching it. This video goes way back to the room set up! Love you Rose thank you for always being you. #FAVEROSEVIDEO 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💕💕💕💕

    I remember this was the very first video I saw of u and first time I subscribed and u were the first I subscribed to and for a year I just watched u and got into makeup just watching ur videos…u always kept it real and honest..U’ve never changed and I thank u for that..♥️🌹

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