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  1. Wait did I miss something? how are you putting folders in the mods folder? Im so slow lawwd🤣

  2. This is really great, I had never even thought about organizing my mods folder but this will help a lot. I don't understand tho, why do you have 3 The Sims folders in your EA folder? Is there a benefit to that if I'm not a mod builder?

  3. People out here saying their mods folder is 20 gigabyte ect

    Bish my entire sims game (game+packs+cc) ain’t even that

  4. I have 7,647 files and 75 folders because I have NEVER cleaned my mods folder lol I have done this to myself… Wish me luck :')

  5. I’m way too lazy and my attention span is of a rock so I don’t organize my folder, but if my game breaks after I put cc I would categorize by date added and remove it or if it just breaks without me adding anything; I whip out my trusty calculator and scan everything and divide it in half
    I then check run the game to see if the problem was in that half, if it is then I keep dividing the half and check running

    This method is somewhat annoying but it works

  6. I want to cryy i have just downloaded The Sims 4 on Origin like last week or so and I downloaded CC but I don't know how to put it on the Sims 4 I have been looking at videos probably for an hour now yet I still haven't found what I'm looking for I think I'm going crazy

  7. I personally have a folder for each day they're downloaded so its easy to delete some broken ones

    Edit: oh the testing foldee is a good idea

    Edit: Oh shit maybe thats not a good idea then

  8. PLEASE HELP! i created folders and organized them all in my mods folder but when i tried to start the game it says error if you have cc please remove and try again or repair game. so i had to take everything out of the folders for it to work. Anything specific i need to do to fix that?

  9. I didn't know you had to remove your mods before you update your game, and my game has never broken…

  10. I‘m having a mental breakdown lmao i wanna delete all my cc (20gb) and start over cause my game is bugging i’m talking missing faces where you only see their teeth and shit like that 😩 Oof it’s gone be a long night for me but I really wanna do this and i’m gonna start organizing my folders like you did 💓

  11. what about like kawaiistacie SOL. u cant have a KS folder, then have a SOL folder, so how do u know what to delete? i am hoping i deleted all the ones but that's what confused me

  12. Underscoring helps on Macs as well 🙂
    Thanks for sharing what your folder looks like! I've been organizing mine for the last day or so little by little and I love seeing how others have their mods cleaned up as.

  13. Where do I put CC Traits? I've put them in one of my Mods folder and they don't show up in CAS in-game.

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