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30 Replies to “How To Clear iPhone X RAM Memory”

  1. A lot of you asked for the video…yes, I know RAM is memory, but it is to help those searching for it.

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  2. HI, I am doing the same, When i am clicking on the assistive touch button, Its not going to home page. Its still like the same

  3. Pls help me when i got to general there was no Accesible in there pls help me i need your help :,c

  4. Does customizing screens, i.e. moving apps around, in and out of folders, etc. work as well as it did on earlier iOS versions? I find it hard to get apps to move or to get them to stick on a page and insert them into folders. It used to be seamless now it takes a lot of finesse to get them right.

  5. Why can't you just swipe the app up to close the apps? it will have to reload after relaunching the app as well.

  6. What I tend to do is force close the app (app switcher and push it out) – mayyyyybe? Turn off and on, both do the same thing.

    Which fair play to Apple. They spend their time and money optimising their software for their hardware decisions. (Like Nintendo)

    They make do with so much less than potential competition. But each bit they use is infinitely more optimised for it.

    Also seriously phones are getting like 10 gig of RAM?! How and why would you need that much?! My computer has 16, and occasionally I need to clear what I have open.

  7. *clears RAM*
    “Omg whats the title of that video”
    Then remembered Youtube has a recent feature so you can go back to that video you recently watched.

  8. Yeha just no one can ever erase anything from a phone… it appear to be erased but it is still there… anyway.

  9. This did not work for me…I stayed pressing the Home Button on the screen but it did nothing at all

  10. Just a head up that this is one of the quickest ways to prematurely age an iPhone battery and cause apps to run slower.

    An iPhone is not a PC and doesn’t use its memory in the same way that the PC architecture does.

    Closing apps to “save battery” is also a long-standing myth, and actually is demonstrably worse for your battery life than leaving all of your apps running, which even Apple engineers have repeatedly said is the correct way to maximize your battery life.

    When you kill the cache used by apps, forcing them to reload those application assets from flash, you’re using more battery to execute those instructions and reload than resuming the app from it’s designed sleep state when it’s not the front-most, modal app.

    So please don’t propagate the myth. Closing apps on an iPhone WILL reduce battery life and will reduce its overall lifespan. You don’t need to “clear the ram” on an iPhone.

  11. Can you please make a video on how to remove notification symbol on the setting icon which show iphone storage full on opening the setting icon

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