How to CLEAR RAM on iPhone X

Clear ram on iPhone X. The process to clear your ram on iPhone X is different than other iPhones.
If you want to clear your ram on any other iPhone, watch this video.

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17 Replies to “How to CLEAR RAM on iPhone X”

  1. New videos posted daily. Click that subscribe button, so you don't miss it! 🔔🔔🔔Thank you so much for watching this one. 🔔🔔🔔

  2. What the heck do you reset all my apps now Geometry Dash I was on level 25 now I’m a level one

  3. If you need to do this occasionally its good to set Assistive Touch as a button in the Control Center, easier to turn on & off.

  4. This works great on my iPhone X S Plus easier than any other video has shown me so far. I subscribed because he is clear and doesn’t drag it out

  5. 1.vlume up
    2:vlme down
    3.hold power button 3 secon
    4:hold home button n done,,
    your video very long way,,😂😂👎🏿

  6. When I press the AssistiveTouch button that I've created, by turning on assistivetouch, the pad of buttons don't come up it takes me back a page like it's acting like a Home button!!! If I press and hold nothing happens and if I 3D touch it, I get a haptic feedback but still nothing happens!! I don't get the pad with the other options like Home or Siri etc.

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