How To Get a Secret XP Theme and Cool Vista Options On Windows Xp.

In this Video i’ll show you How to Obtain a Really Cool Dark Windows XP theme that was never released by microsoft but can now be found on the net.

This theme is really awesome graphically. Way better than that default windows xp crap you get at the start =P

I will also show you how to get some really cool Vista options to go with this cool theme.

The links:

Hope you liked this video =D

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34 Replies to “How To Get a Secret XP Theme and Cool Vista Options On Windows Xp.”

  1. How you make your opened stuff close to the orb? Mine is like away and when i move it its just not good.

  2. Why can not I open ViStart. it says RegFail: Current User User Start Menu mot found. plz help

  3. Thx bro my Laptop is go like shit and what seetings you have ?
    Sorry for my sick English but i'm german 😀

  4. It´s aVirus Don´t Download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Vista, man I agree with you're opinions. Vista may be SLIGHTLY buggy but yet it was way advanced and was basically a buggy win 7. Financially a smart person who agrees.

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