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14 Replies to “How to share Excel (or other!) files via Google Drive so everybody can edit them”

  1. Dude, you're sitting with a headset and probably hearing the sound system very well, but if you tried to listen to your video without a headset you wouldn't hear a lot. You're ought to increase the mic volume when you're recording videos. Just my 2 cents… Lastly, sharing a file without the ability to collaborate on it doesn't really give an adequate solution to most users out there.

  2. If doing like this the owner of the document loses the connecting with the document and will not see my changes. I even get a waring saying so when move the shared document

  3. When I try to add a change to a file shred with me, it won't let me save the change without changing the name of the file, which kind of defeats what we're trying to do. Any thoughts, suggestions, help?

  4. Is it Possible to have a database in one excel file and which can be editable by other user and can be view able by me? without having sharing location?

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