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41 Replies to “I was ATTACKED by PHANTOMS in Minecraft Hardcore!”

  1. 11:31
    Me: Dantdm Did you Not Remember To stand The Cats to Sleep And Give You A gift!?😔😔😒😒😑😑😫😫😕😓😩😠😡

  2. Dan has stacks of wool and i cant find 3 sheep to save my life. I stayed up for 7 nights and it was a nightmare

  3. Dan: say something about needing light blue dye
    Me: oh, you can just go to the swamp and get the flowers their😊
    Dan: Oh I can just use lapis
    Me: or you can go to the swamp…😐
    Dan:*gets lapis*
    Me: just go to the f -ing swamp!!!!!😡😡😡

  4. Fun fact: There are indeed yellow carrots in real life. I bet you're wondering what to do with this information. You should buy a bunch of yellow carrots and eat them to spite Dan.

  5. a baby zombie pigman jockey with an enchanted sword… WHAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?!?!?! HOW RARE ARE THOSE THINGS

  6. dude I know I might be late to say this but u forgot to explore an igloo on the way to the woodland mansion episodes ago and arctic foxes are tamed by berries AKA the bushes u got some in ur inventory and those aren’t dogs their wolves

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