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49 Replies to “Ico – Final Boss – Ending”

  1. This boss isn't very hard but I love it all the same. The atmosphere is great, the song is one of my favorites, and it manages to be fun despite being easy.

  2. oohhhh the queen sword by use in you show be able to do more damage on the colossus


  3. Man I remember being 6 or 7 and having a ps2 with the jampack disc with this and shadow of the colossus as demos Haha good times

  4. Man I remember being like 5 or 6 and having the one of those game disc demo compilation things and this being one of the demos and I never really understood what the hell was going on here I am now 14 years later and just now actually getting to this game wow I missed out on such an amazing game

  5. Massive Spoilers & Speculation regarding Ico and SotC

    When Dormin/Wander fall into the glowing pool, the end result is that all darkness is removed from the person – thus Wander is turned into an infant, the symbol of innocence. He has horns on his head as a mark of sin for entering the forbidden lands and asking Dormin to revive the dead.Its light energy revives Wander, and he is cursed. Its dark energy revives Mono, and she is cursed. Mono, with dark energy eventually becomes the queen.I like to believe that Ico, who loses his horns during the battle with The Queen, atoned for Wander's sins by saving Yorda and killing the Queen – the broken horns a symbol of that freedom. (In SotC: Emon prays that, should Wander be alive, he will one day atone for said sins.)Unfortunately, I also think that the broken horns mean that Ico dies. Yorda, whos spirit is tied to the Queen, also dies. Yorda's last act is one of respect, as she turns into a shadow and the two escape the castle in a boat. The boat they take is symbolic of Greek funerary tradition, the voyage to the beach is the afterlife, as watermelons don't grow on the beach. The curse is over, but Dormin lives on and continues to influence human hearts with their rich content of light and dark energies.

  6. I couldn’t finish this game unfortunately but it has one of my favorite stories and friendships in any video game, hopefully I can get back to this one.

  7. Since Shadow of the Colossus got a remake/remaster for the PS4, I would love to see Ico get the same treatment.

    A pipe-dream to be sure, but one can hope.

  8. Fuck, I was so curious, I ruined the ending for myself, I’m ashamed 😣😂 if only it was like when I played SOTC, I was really surprised during the ending of that but I had to ruin this ending for myselffff

  9. Im gonna give you my theory. That's not a dream because, first: he was unconscious when dark Yorda placed him on the boat so he wouldn't be aware of said boat, so he couln't picture himself on it reaching a beach. Second, he was still unconscious when he lost the other horn so i believe if that was a dream he would have imagined himself with at least one horn. Third, that's not how the kid would have remembered Yorda, she lost the light that carried with her and we witness her as a normal human being. Also, that's not the after life, you just don't reach the after life by boat cmon. Prove me wrong I dare you xD.

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