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44 Replies to “ICO PS3 All Cutscenes HD”

  1. Also do you think that maybe the Queen is Momo? And the reason why she can speak with ico is because she was from the same human race as him?

  2. Okay but the English subtitles are kinda confusing. They should've left the option to have Runic subtitles.

  3. I love the fact they use fictional language….but u can tell they can't keep it consistent. Apparently there's like 7 different ways of saying "boys with horns" 😂

  4. So are they speaking Japanese or some fictional language? Also, Shadow Yorda must've gotten a power/vitality boost because she could barely hold on to Ico back on the bridge.

  5. C'mon Team Ico! You've released the Last Guardian, and you remade Shadow of the Colossus (again)
    give Ico the love it deserves!

  6. Im gonna give you my theory. That's not a dream because, first: he was unconscious when dark Yorda placed on the boat so he wouldn't be aware of said boat, so he couln't picture himself on it reaching a beach. Second, he was still unconscious when he lost the other horn so i believe if that was a dream he would have imagined himself with at least one horn. Third, that's not how the kid would have remembered Yorda, she lost the light that carried with her and we witness her as a normal human being. Also, that's not the after life, you just don' reach the after life by boat cmon. Prove me wrong I dare you xD.

  7. Was this some other version besides the standard US release?? I have beaten this game dozens of time, and never once moved the stone pedestal things in the Queen's chamber. I didn't even know they could be moved.

  8. I just finished this game. The disk was completely fine until I got to the last cutscene. Halfway through it black-screened and I had to watch the rest online. Really frustrating, but I am massively thankful for this video.

  9. Ico is one of the most beautiful love stories ever told. Certainly the most beautiful game ever created, right there with Shadow of the Colossus. They’re not necessarily my overall favorite games ever, but they’re up there, and hold a very special place in my heart. Here’s why.

    Its so simple. You’re a small boy, perceived as a curse, and left to die in a castle. You escape your coffin and try to find a way out. And then you find the cage… and you realize you aren’t alone. You’re not the only one who’s been abandoned. The moment I first saw Yorrda step out of that cage and approach frightened Ico, I knew this game was something special in a way that few are. There are few cutscenes beyond that point. But used sparingly, they become that much more effective. It was mind-bogglingly refreshing to see a story able to be told so simply. No excess of characters. No constant dialogue. You and Yorrda have to escape. But the Queen is trying to stop you. Its a story of two young people, abandoned by the only worlds they ever knew, but they have each other now, and with that, hope.

    Yorrda is as developed a character as any in my opinion. The game is not sexist at all– granted, I sometimes cringe from the way I occasionally jerk Yorrda around when I take sharp turns =P. Simply because Yorrda does not share Ico’s physique does not make her a weaker character. She can’t climb or fight or do the things that wiry Ico can. Who knows where Yorrda has been kept her whole life? Its clear she’s frail, but that’s not because she’s an inherently weak character– its because of her circumstance, and that’s what Ico is trying to rescue her from. I actually happen to be a fan of RedLetterMedia, and here I think I can prove that Yorrda indeed passes that character test with flying colors:

    She is caring, inquisitive, and gentle. This is made clear in the way she approaches Ico in the beginning. She wants to get to know him, and is concerned for his well being. Its also clear that she is hurt, lost, and up until then, probably hopeless. Meeting Ico fills her with a strength she probably hasn’t known in a long time. She is also trusting. She doesn’t know this boy at all, but is willing to follow him wherever he goes, and she trusts in him to lead her. That’s not a woman simply being “put in her place” and dragged around– it takes courage to put your life in someone’s hands. Its true she has little choice… but to not hesitate, to not doubt that a little boy will catch you when you make a leap across a bottomless chasm? Yorrda will go above and beyond what she’s probably ever experienced before, because she believes in her friend. Ico has an incredible responsibility. That’s why (and this is different from almost every game I’ve played) my heart practically breaks every time I have to reload because Yorrda was captured. I feel genuinely as though I failed her. She is also selfless. In the end, when she carries Ico and sends him away… its a hope. Its a thank you. She went through this whole ordeal and cared for him equally as he cared for her. She sacrificed herself, because she loved. I find it hard to imagine someone playing through this game and not seeing her character clearly revealed. And one of the beautiful things about her, and about the game, is this– you don’t have to know everything about her. Mystery is a vital component to the game’s intrigue.

    Few cutscenes. Not much talking. The bond with the characters develops simply from what you go through, as you play the game and experience the adventure. A game where the development and bonding takes place actually during the gameplay! The game starts off brilliantly, and you become familiar with each other a bit, and then there’s that cutscene smack where it needs to be as you run for the gate. From there, Ico and Yorrda belong to each other, heart and soul. Its the only way either of them can survive. Its why I think everyone who ever loved Twilight needs to sit down and simply play this game through to the end. Then maybe people will get a new perspective as to what true love ought to look like, and I’m not talking about the perilous circumstance or dragging your girlfriend around by the hand everywhere. Its not about obsession, infatuation, dating schemes, wanting to be turned into a vampire, sex, anything physical in general, or anything superficial…. Its so simple. So subtle. But so profound. Love always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. In doing so, it never fails. Its friendship. Its undying loyalty to each other. It doesn’t demand… it only gives. Its the quiet smiles. Touching hands. Moments that require no words to express. That tells as powerful a love story as any amount of dialogue or complexity can.

    Sorry for the long winded reply. I respect and am interested in your opinion, but what this game showed me… the experience I had… I know its just a game, but art can change people. And I’m writing this pretty late, so it probably sounds a LOT happier than I perceive it to be at the moment.

    I didn’t know anything about the game when I started the game.

    However the ploy unfolds very curiously.

    The boy and girl cannot communicate verbally much.

    But they tend to trust and care for each other . Even depend on each other.

    Yorda’s feelings can be recognized just by the “Body language” … (Minus facial expressions)

    She is like a girl who has not seen sunlight or birds. She likes ICO, she comes to him when he calls , takes credible “leap of faith” s when required.

    She shakes her head and says no when she cannot follow him through an obstacle , if he calls her several times. (After trying to do it once, )

    If left alone she simply stands there , look around and looks at her elbow. (Girl child behavior)

    If ICO is hurt, she runs to come to him. (She only runs on her own very rarely only when excited)

    Later in the game if ICO takes way too long to find the next. She points out at a direction and tries to show him. (The is a language barrier)

    Even when / if she shows sometime you still need to figure stuff out. Sometimes a you discover that the answer was a very simple logic to be applied but was clearly concealed.
    Sometime you are amazed at the outcome after you do a series of tasks try to solve a puzzle.

    They are both young but I think they are the simply put ideal couple.

    (The first though before making the game was that they wanted to make a “boy meets girl” concept game).

    A girl who gets excited to see the light and birds is who is trapped in a cage in a dark castle surrounded by monsters is not supposed to be a heroic fighter. I would not be surprised if any GROWNUP PERSON in such environment should develop depression and fear. However she is brave. She understands that ICO wants to help her the moment he saves her and takes a “leap of faith” with him. (Even literally several times in the game).

    That is courage and her character has ample depth though it is Mysterious in the beginning.

  10. I did not expect a happy ending for a game like this, lets see how things'll go with the Shadow of the Colossus. NEXT!

  11. way better game without subtitles. the atmosphere and mood of the game is meant to be mysterious, where you fill in the plot with your imagination, like a dream.

  12. If you slow the video down and look really close, at 10:41 you can see what the Queen looks like underneath. She's got hair and ears like Yorda, and it almost looks like she has a single horn on the top of her head, but that could just be part of her disappearing flash.

  13. 10:46 I thought that he was gonna say ''Daijobu'' that means in Japanese alright/ok/are you okay?

    what a surprise

  14. this whole game was amazing, but my absolute favourite part was after loading, when it showed them sleeping together on the stone benches. it was such a small detail, but so beautiful.

  15. Okay, I have a good theory and a bad theory about this ending. The good one goes like this. After Ico defeats the Queen, her influence over the souls of all the horned children sacrificed to her is lifted. Their final act frees Yorda from her stone prison and it allows her to save Ico. The Queen is foiled when she says "Yorda will never escape" because she was counting on her still remaining a statue.

    Now the bad theory. Yorda washes up on shore. When she wakes, she may not be Yorda at all but the Queen resurrected as stated by the Queen before the final battle.

  16. Question: What happens if on the bridge, instead of trying to jump back across to get to Yorda, you just keep walking towards the mainland?

  17. this was one of the (hands down) most amazing games i have ever played in my life, and i have been gaming solidly since 1977… great job to the producers, may you give us more of your art form in days to come beyond the S.O.C.
    thank you!

  18. This has an awesome story.

    And is it my mind just messing with me, or could the little boy in this game (forgot his name) be Wander from Shadow of the Colossus??
    Because, at the ending of Shadow of the Colossus, Wander becomes a little baby with horns….
    Maybe it's just me, but I seriously think that little boy is Wander.
    I know this game was made before Shadow of the Colossus but still..

  19. That ending doe O.o i was about to rage again until i saw the end. ppl and their fascination for messing with ppl's emotions >:d

  20. Why does your copy have english subtitles for Yorda's speak? I have the PAL PS3 edition and her subtitles are in hieroglyphics.

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