IGN Reviews – Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD Game Review

IGN gives its video review on the remake of two legendary PS2 games, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus. Does the HD collection withstand the test of time?

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49 Replies to “IGN Reviews – Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD Game Review”

  1. I played shadow remastered on ps4 and I'm now playing the last guardian on ps4

    can't help but pray for a ico remaster even though ign is kinda trashing it

  2. This review is too harsh on ICO. The game is a gem and one of the most influential games of the last 20 years. It has been acknowledged as a major influence by people like Jenova Chen (Journey), Neil Druckman (Uncharted, The Last of Us), Hidetaka Miyazaki ('Souls' series), Arnt Jensen (Limbo, Inside), Phil Fish (Fez) and many others… This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. ICO was a game changer, in a much bigger way than SotC. Even SotC is directly (for obvious reasons) influenced by ICO and wouldn't have existed without it. ICO deserves respect and should be enjoyed by everyone who loves modern gaming.

  3. I bought this a few days ago – Never played it in my life – So Excited to fire up my Ps3 now 😀

  4. Shadow of the colossus is my all time favorite game, i can not express with words the impact that this game had on me, it is truly a work of art and a landmark video game

  5. bro a couple of bosses in shadow colossus was eerie. very. like the one where you have to swim… ugh. and even when the flying one begins. half the colossus give the feeling of "I'm scared, I'm actually scared." and "how the ** am I going to defeat this

  6. Ico, along with Beyond Good and Evil, are some of the games I return to at least once a year to rekindle my love affair with games and are without a doubt as close to you can get to high art in the game genre. I also disagree with the reviewer saying Ico hasn't aged well. Ico is a wonderful journey to embark on and the ending is just amazing.
    The sound effects alone are amazing, from the seagulls, to the drip of cascading water, the clink of chains, the cavernous howl of the wind, or the flickering of a torch. Minimalist gaming at its best.

  7. As far as best game ever made goes, I think shadow just falls barely under oot. Just because there's far less content, even if it was intentional, but still love it regardless.

  8. Ico and Shadow of the colossus- 2 of the best games on the ps2 and maybe of all time (Shadow of the colossus is my favourite game) 8.5/10

    Black ops 3- Same game as before with new maps, guns, and that's it. 9.2/10 EWMGAWD CALL OF DUTY BETTER THAN BLOODBORNE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

  9. This is one of those few games that are pure magical and amazing and i will always love this game! Ill never sell my copy! Just a brilliant game in every aspect!

  10. Go ahead, Play shadow of the colossus without crying I dare you, I double dare you Motha…

  11. Does anyone know if box 8 & 9 in the bonus content actually contain anything? I have yet to get 100% of all the trophies for either game. I'm almost about to with Shadow Of The Colossus. I only have one colossi left to take down in hard time attack mode. If any content is available in those boxes, you probably have to get all the trophies in order unlock them. Then again, they might not contain anything. ? ?

  12. Picked this up about a week ago, totally worth it. I heard high praise about both games over the years and I figured I have to try them. Both interesting and beautiful games, though they have not aged well as far as looks. I'd say it's like playing arcade or indie titles that look good sound good and play well. Worth your money for sure.

  13. really weird way to review 2 games simultaniously, just review ico first, and shadow second in one video.

  14. Maybe the point of the puzzles in Ico wasn't to make them hard  but instead to be fun, no one would want to play it if the puzzles were hard. I think the puzzles are perfect the way they are some can have you looking around for a solution for a few minutes while others can be figured out with ease.

  15. For those of you who completed Shadow of the Colossus, you probably know this, but…


    At the end of shadow, you get reborn as a baby. The land gets sealed off from the evils that invaded before, the animals return, and the colossi begin to rot and become part of the land.

    That child, is the child from ico.
    The people who seal the land are the same ones who try to imprison the child.


  16. I want a remake for all Legacy Of Kain (including Soul Reaver) games for the PS4. With today's powerful graphics but the same great story.
    Please IGN poke them in the eye to make this wish come true 🙂

  17. I never played Shadow Of The Colossus or Ico, am I missing something or should I leave these two behind?

  18. For some reason, my hd copy of shadow has TERRIBLE pop-ins, to the point where it looks like it was made in the 80's. Can someone please help me?

  19. Gonna get a 20$ card soon. Not sure  if to spend it on this or the Ghostbuster's videogame.

  20. I was just watching the original Shadow Of The Colossus review that IGN had back in 2005, and it really sent shivers down my back! It had THE most sentimental presentation I have ever seen on a video game!

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