iOS 13.1 – This NEEDS to be Fixed.. | iOS 13.1 Beta 1 Review

iOS 13.1 – This NEEDS to be Fixed.. | iOS 13.1 Beta 1 Review

Apple released iOS 13.1 a few days ago and after using it on my daily driver iPhone XS Max since then, I wanted to share my experience with you guys.

So, in this video, we cover more iOS 13.1 features & changes, bugs, performance and battery life. Can’t wait for beta 2 to fix a lot of these bugs!

iOS 13.1 Beta 1 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 13 Release Date & How to Update From Beta:
iOS 13 Public Beta Released – How to Install:
iOS 13 – 30+ Best Hidden Features:
iOS 13 – 70+ Best New Features & Changes:

Wallpaper shown:

Thoughts on iOS 13.1 beta 1? Stay tuned to the channel for my iOS 13.1 beta 2 video coming soon!

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44 Replies to “iOS 13.1 – This NEEDS to be Fixed.. | iOS 13.1 Beta 1 Review”

  1. the volume button on this update does not pop up on instagram and the audio cuts in and out, but when I use youtube you can see the slider

  2. another bug is created folders are transparent, when the folder is opened to view your apps, they blend in with your other apps.

  3. I only have one problem with the 13.1 beta. Google Hangouts will consistently crash every single time I open it on my iPad Pro 11” or iPhone XR. That’s the only problem I have though, everything else is fine aside from some bugs in the springboard

  4. Countless bugs on this version. BT is a disaster, a disgrace in fact. Power or screen off freezing, not booting on or off correctly or often at all, numerous call dropouts, screen freezes in many apps and on and on. Avoid

  5. I have an iPhone 6s. I installed 13.1 on August 30th. I had 12.4. Yeah, I jumped straight from 12.4 to 13.1, and I'm very glad I did. So far, it's been more than good enough for everything I do and it has made me love my iPhone even more.

    I had a few minor issues, but nothing that wasn't expected and none of them were anything worth remembering. After all, it's only the first beta of 13.1. Even so, it's quite good for being the first beta.

  6. It’s Beta, so expect bugs that’s to be expected. You agreed to be the Guinea Pig 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Finally the battery life got improved on my iphone 7 plus in ios 13.1, i have now 8 hours of using 5 of them with screen on and the other 3 hours for the hotspot, before in ios 13 it was hardly between 3 and 4 hours total, that’s INSANE!!

  8. i agree on all im using XS MAX primary device ios 13.1 beta 1 same issue sa syou mention ….think most issue sis some of the apps crashing such as bumble also BAdoo but all what you said is pretty much it, dont think they will roll u sback 13.0 whn emaster comes out next week i think we would get 13.1 beta 2

  9. The quick reply issue is BEYOND annoying. I’ve also noticed that Facebook messenger has been a bit buggy as well and won’t let me type as times

  10. The wallpapers cannot move now. I tried setting a live wallpaper I took from FaceTime and it doesn’t move for me to set in postion I like. It used to before updating to 13.1.

    When you set as wallpaper you can’t move the image around to the position you want it to be!!
    Go to settings > wallpaper > select any picture you have in your photos > & you should see that it won’t let you move the photo around…

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