iPhone X Review: Specs & Features!

Apple iPhone X Review: Face ID, Wireless Charging, A11 CPU, and Waterproofing Features. November 2017 Launch Release Date!
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Stay tuned for future coverage on Apple’s iPhone X and the company’s upcoming products!

Fast Specs (X Plus Reviewed Model)
CPU: A11 Bionic 6 Core
RAM: Unknown, likely 3GB
Storage: 64GB, or 256GB of flash storage
Camera: Dual-lens 12MP

Complete Tech Specs:




Again, stay tuned for additional details surrounding the new iPhone X series and thanks for watching!

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20 Replies to “iPhone X Review: Specs & Features!”

  1. Is a great product>>>ur2.pl/1248 I love the size, is better than having the plus version. Wireless charging is a great feature, a little bit late in the market, but we thank for it.

  2. None of these specs are modern, these are specs from years ago btw iphone 10 cost $350 to make and they sell it for $1000

  3. Gay.. Phone that has a 3gb ram costs 999$… OPPO F3 costs 250$ that has 4gb ram… Apple just wants $$$ crazy 😐🤑

  4. Fantastic, when is iPhone going to provide flash for their camera? Want to take a picture in low light? Too bad! Apple still refuses to catch up with Androids technology

  5. Dude, breathe between sentences. We can wait. You don’t have to go full speed. Other than that good vid.

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