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38 Replies to “IS THIS EVEN DOTA ANYMORE? Our First 5 Games of The Outlanders Patch”

  1. This isn't Dota. It's hot garbage. Game's on it's way to maintenance mode beside TF2 at light speed.

  2. Actually i feel like the game became more easier for lower tiers like me, i dont know why but i fell like gpm is so broken, before the new patch i used to get radiance in min 18-20 with kunkka (wich is my best hero) but now with the same amount of last hits i get it in min 13-15 wich make go to jungle so east, if you know how to stack ur camps while you are in lane for example with kunkka's torrent you wait to min 7 and thats it, a lot of gold and 3 tier 1 items so easy, but i really like the new patch, also i have to say that kunkka's scepter is soooooooo good item

  3. Others are just complaining even they haven't played the new patch yet :/. For god sake try it first before crying. Besides it's not final. It's still can be changed

  4. its fine if doing this patch
    but please seperate the old one and this one..
    i cant play dota like this, in DotA, we must defend our throne,2nd is teamwork 3rd is killing enemy hero and this patch how ridiculous outpost need to defend again

  5. Dont get me wrong I love dota 2. But valve has always been a bunch of copiers. They copy so much from heroes of newerth. even the 5 couriers is in hon

  6. Can somebody make a custom dota but mode where outposts and neutral items are removed? They're literally the worst thing to ever come to dota imo and its making me want to quit playing the game

  7. When we went from dota 2 to dota reborn it felt like a huge change, but this takes the cake. This was too far. It literally completely changed how dota is supposed to be played. It isnt even dota anymore. It feels more like league

  8. Going to be honest I kind of think 💭 that the map 🗺 the and item drops are ruining this game for pubs. It requires way too much teamwork to win and when u get afk farming from Ur team it’s nearly impossible to win a match as a support main. Honestly gold is not an issue anymore. Get two big items and skip everything else.

  9. i was able to quit dota because of this patch. I hate it what they've done and have no intention of playing this. Feels good to be free of dota

  10. Common misconception that less random events is "more" stable. If you get more of the items, the strategies and effects are more consistent and a specific random item being dominant is less problematic. If you only got 1 item, it could be bad, and then the randomness on them would tend to be more extreme.

  11. They should just make a special currency of gold drop from creeps and put all the items in side shops and buyable with that currency.

    It would be nice if they added another player ( 6 players total ) to the game so we could have a jungler as a real position. They should also have tunnels in the map that lead to different areas and they could put roshan under the map in a central location accessed by said tunnels.

    They should also get rid of towers in their current form and make them spawn randomly on the map at certain intervals to drive team fights. They should then just give an xp reward after the initial channel. Then you wait till the new one spawns and fight for the chance to get it again.

    Also the more OP items should be roshan drops pushing teams to enter his dungeon to slay him.

  12. I welcome the new dota 2 patch, and i glad i still play dota, i genuinely feel intrested with the game once more, don't get me wrong, i love dota as it used to be and now its more interesting for me.. i'm looking forward for the next patch they will come up with wether it is for balancing the game or just make something new for us players to enjoy.. I root for you Valve!! Cheers guys xD

  13. there is only a 10% chance for an item to drop at every tier there are 5 tiers and it decreases by half every time you get an item so at most 1 player from tier 1 lets say can get maybe 3 items also not all items are straight up broken i would say its new, engaging, interesting and feels kinda rewarding

  14. Been playing DotA since Eul was in charge, and this is the most unDotA DotA has ever been. RNG like this is fucking retarded in a competitive setting. The playerbase keeps shrinking because of shit like this. Shame on you!

  15. I really don't like this new version. It isn't that fun anymore. I like the outpost part and free wards, the lvl 30 but the neutral items and slow courier is not so fun. I think it's better if it's just buildable items.

  16. Dota updates will always be a thing to figure untill a week for it to settle. I dont think that this is bad or good. I think it will be more competitive because of the neutrals outposts and other thing that will always trigger team fights.

  17. Played 14 games since yesterday and supports still don`t buy wards and hcs keep in jungle trying to drop items with offlanes.

  18. You people refused to actually talk about imbalances before the patch. Hell you even told people that did “get gud”. So now it’s time to say, get gud.

  19. You know you can block neutral camps. It’s all about map control. Jungle items aren’t going anywhere.

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