Lets Get Clash of Clans on Windows Phone!

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If you have a Windows Phone then you’ll like this video. We’ve been patiently waiting for Clash of Clans to come to Windows Phone and SuperCell said they weren’t going to give it to us.

Well SuperCell was bought out buy a new company and this is our chance to get the game. We got 50,000 signatures for Pokemon Go on Windows Phone and we can do the same for Clash of Clans!

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At one point in time we were actually able to play Clash of Clans on Windows Phone because of Windows 10 Mobile. In the earlier stages of the software’s lifespan it picked up an emulator with the name of Project Astoria. It emulated Android apps to shorten the distance in the app ecosystem.

This video isn’t just about getting Clash of Clans for Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile. It’s also about using your voice as a Windows Phone fan, to get things you want. Believe it or not, once person does make a different and with that mindset we can all obtain whatever it is we want. Patience is a virtue.

Don’t mind these words. Just something for YouTube.

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8 Replies to “Lets Get Clash of Clans on Windows Phone!”

  1. windows phone is useless. Even if they make a doc for Windows phones, still I believe it will always crash like it always do.

  2. sadly… as soon as my contracts up I'm going back to android, imo microsoft are not going to advertise windows phone or surface phone I think it will mainly be for business use I don't think they have any interest in the gaming side of phones.
    They have one advert out at the moment for a laptop/tablet or what ever it is , and they have just put out the anniversary update for the phones which has made the lumia 950xl almost perfect 'slight problem still with bluetooth' but still no adverts for phones or anything else there working on like the hololens I bet the general public wont see that unless you go looking for it I know they have done deals with company's to get it selling. So what is the deal with microsoft? look how they forced windows 10 on everyone I just don't get it is it just a bunch of kids running round doing what the hell they want jumping from one project to another without actually finishing anything .

  3. CoC will or will not come to Windows Phone depending on what Microsoft does with the upcoming Surface Phone. I am a big Windows Phone fan and have had one model or another since forever. But you watch Microsoft and it like they either really don't care or have something super secret planned that's gonna blow us all away and increase market share. Sadly I think they don't care. Listen to Panos P and Satya N, they aint lighting any fires. I can't see CoC coming to Windows in any official way

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