Let's Look At EX – Hero Academy 2 [Sponsored]

Please note this video is sponsored by Robot Entertainment for the release of Hero Academy 2.

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To get a free premium pack in-game, click the gear in the top-right, click Account, Redeem Game Codes, then type in the code NLION.

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Hero Academy 2 players collect cards of heroes, powers, and spells, and then create their best teams to battle it out one-on-one in tactical PvP Duels. Play loads of single-player content in Campaigns and Challenges to improve play and prepare for battle. Discuss and compare strategies with guild-mates and climb the Academy rankings!

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28 Replies to “Let's Look At EX – Hero Academy 2 [Sponsored]”

  1. Well, what u do here is explaining rather than playing, thats why u lose 🙂 sponsorship video is not supposed to be like this

  2. I was a big fan of HA1, this is a bit messy, the board where the players play, would prefer a different angle for the board, not that high. For me now it's more like a heartstone than the Hero Academy I know. Models looks good, but that's it.

  3. I think I need to take a break. At this point I think NL could upload a video of him taking a shit and I'd watch it.

  4. I can't believe that you didn't have a single crash in this video (unless you edited them out).

    I can't go 45 minutes without running into a crash. Its actually fucking insane.

  5. NL you'd better do a Let's Look at for Hex Gambit when One Man Left (Space Food Truck, Outwitters, Tilt to Live) releases it if you're doing LLAs on this game.

  6. After great success of Slay the Spire every card/logic-game developer wants NL to do Let's Play/Let's Look At of their game.

  7. You did a good job with the sell. It looks fun and has some charm, but I just don't do multiplayer stuff that often. But I think we all know we came to see NL instead of the game.

  8. I'm cool with sponsored content as long as he is upfront about it, which NL always is. At least it gets him to try some new games> NL gets stuck in a rut fairly often with his content.

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