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32 Replies to “Microsoft Office Not Responding Fix”

  1. I have tried both of your suggestions and none of the Microsoft Office software is working. Not opening at all. I tried both the System Restore option and even both Repair options (and online repair). I also tried your suggestion of trying uninstalling the software, re-starting my computer and then re-installing office.
    Still wouldn't work. I then uninstalled Microsoft Office 2016 completely and installed the 2019 version. Still the same problem. I am not sure if it was the OneDrive that I uninstalled (it was slowing down my PC extremely and asking me to buy subscription I didn't need). Could that be the reason. Otherwise, I think I have tried everything it wouldn't respond.

  2. I started experiencing this after the most recent magical Windows Update. A somewhat easier (but temporary only) fix I've found is to open the Task manager, select Microsoft Office, select one of the open documents, then right click and select End Task. Once the selected document closes all of the others resume normal behavior. It's been so bad this week that I always keep one document opened that I'm not using so I have one I can safely close without losing material.

  3. Thank you sooo much, this helped me today lost all my work and it was work for a new job, almost lost it 😩

  4. This is driving me insane i have a project that is due next week. I finished it and when i was about to save it goes and tells me it is freaking not responding !!!

  5. Can I ask you a question:
    I have problems with my Microsoft Word, Have you ever seen a the negative of a picture? It looks like that.
    The icons are all black and we can see the color of the letters. What is happening?
    I reinstalled office but nothing happened.

  6. Figured mine out I only had to use the upgrade settings to upgrade my Macpro to it's latest version and it automatically updated my Microsoft and it's running perfectly fine and no more error messages and mine took like 2 hours for all updates …😄😄😄

  7. If I didn't save my presentation and then my PowerPoint stopped and I did this, would it rescue my presentation? or would all the data be gone?

  8. Mine just started acting up and I have really important information that I don't want to lose so if I do this, will it remove the information that I haven't saved?

  9. figured it out today rename your normal word template to abnormal then reboot your pc go back into word and it will create a new file problem solved..

  10. I have a sony vaio labtop with windows 10. My word 2013 is not responding and I have a paper on it. I can't find anything under "restore" like you did shown. Any other ideas?

  11. I did your second option of fixing my Microsoft Office but it doesn't seem to finish repairing. The green loading thing says its done but nothing is happening. Any suggestions?

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