Minecraft Cake Tutorial | How To | Cherry School

Learn how to make a minecraft cake without any square cutters

Renshaws White:
Renshaws Black:
Rolling Pin:
Dresden Tool:
0 Paintbrush:
Tylo Powder:
Black Paint:
Airbrush Dual Action Gun:
Kroma Airbrush Colours:
Renshaws Lime Green:
Renshaws Lincoln Green:
Renshaws Red:
Renshaws Brown:
Renshaws Yellow:
Renshaws Flesh:
Snow Drift Dust:
Sugarflair Dark Brown:
Square Impression Mat:



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26 Replies to “Minecraft Cake Tutorial | How To | Cherry School”

  1. You've been sharing cakes with me that you made from my tutorials, and they all look fab! Please do feel free to share these tutorials online with others, the more subscribers I get, the more time I will be able to devote to tutorials 😀 x

  2. My son wish to have minecraft cake for his 6th birthday… I hope can do exactly like you do or else i would be the creeper…. Birthday will be january 6..im dead..

  3. Hola muchas gracias x compartir, muy bello, por favor quisiera saber qué tamaño y que alto tiene el pastel, y para cuántas porciones alcanza. Muchas gracias

  4. Your tutorials are absolutely amazing, very thorough and well explained, thank you so much for sharing your talent, hope to order a cake from you soon

  5. I have no idea what Minecraft is but I had to watch because it was your tutorial. Reminds me of the old Tetris game from way back when. Excellent job is always I look forward to your next tutorial!

  6. Wished I’d seen this tutorial before I made my sons cake. You’d of saved me a hell of a lot of stress. I cut out so many squares.. I hate Minecraft now and hope I never have to make another. Thank you for sharing your tutorial

  7. Hi, where did you get the pale brown icing from that you used for the squares base around the cake? Thanks

  8. You won my heart and subscription with your detailed tutorials. Keep up the good work and bless your heart!

  9. You make it look so simple and doable… I really dislike making Minecraft cakes 🙈

  10. How amazing! Looks fantastic. I have a diamond block to make.. lol. I used a square plunger cutter for my first cake. One square at a time 😒 never again. Love that square impression mat!

  11. I love the jokes you add into these tutorials, I've chuckled lots watching 3 of your tutorials tonight, keep up the great work! X

  12. Just did my first Minecraft cake a few weeks ago. So many stupid squares, lol! Like your method immensely!

  13. Minecraft cakes. The actual bane of my life 😂 got to say though you made it look much easier than I ever do. Your little girl is just fab too x

  14. Wow l love you cakes they always look amazing thank you for sharing 👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀

  15. That black airbrush makes a WORLD of difference!!! I have got to get over my fear of my airbrush.. it always clogs up on me 😩 and I love the idea of using the impression mat!! This would be great for a Sonic the Hedgehog cake!! I would love to see a Stranger Things cake if you are looking for ideas 😉 great work!! Always excited to watch your videos!

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