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34 Replies to “My Hero One's Justice 2 – 15 Minutes Of Offscreen Gameplay”

  1. Why does the gameplay play so clunky tho by the looks of it, also why are the graphics not improved at all since y’know it’s a new game… not trying to hate but it just doesn’t look like a good game and I really wish it was cause I love MHA

  2. Too bad no Overhaul and Eri x Deku combo..

    Also I hope I can minimize the stage damage in the settings

  3. Just from watching I can tell that it's less floaty. Which means that combo resets will be faster. Which means that games will go by faster. Which means it's a faster game in general.

    Just because it looks like the first game, doesnt mean itll play like the first.

  4. I'm really exited for the second game to come out. I once was the 2nd best Shoot Style Deku player (By score i mean, i still had a lot of skill tho)

    Yall really should get ready to fight me lmao

    i'm sorry i just need to flex sometimes because i'm a failure

  5. Everybody out here talking about animations and all that technical stuff (not judging) and I’m here like bruh twice is in the game

  6. Why didn't they add mirio's actual quirk so he could go through things and beat ass like he did to our cla- I mean so he can beat ass better! haha..😅

  7. I hope and wish it has a multiplayer mode the first game only had 2 players
    That player playing as all might didn’t even try

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