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24 Replies to “My Hero One's Justice 2 – Announcement Trailer | PS4”

  1. os cara podia ter lançado tudo isso como atualização ou DLC mas nãoooooo, vamo lançar outro jogo com isso e cobrar 60 doletas

  2. I’m getting this game even if y’all won’t I like it and they can take my money but I understand anyone else’s decision not to purchase this game

  3. ya a whole new game and yet you still cant play deku as movie verson(where he wears his gauntlet)

  4. I want Mei Hatsume in My Hero One Justice 2. People think her Quirk is trash but she Used Machinery for seen people sights. She needs to be added in the game.

  5. They didnt change graphic much because people with medium systems in pc could buy it,well thanks

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