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20 Replies to “Nonstop Collection DJ Remix Vol.3 – Miss Viet Nam 2014 – Bikini Wear”

  1. This is a long shot but I'm going to give it a try.
    Does anyone have any information on contestant number 718 her name was Nguyen Ngoc Mai (not sure if that's actual Vietnamese or English translation)
    I've only ever seen glimpses of her during the contest and thought she was the most beautiful young woman I've ever seen! I'd love to know what she did after the contest.

  2. chỉ có kẻ nào ngu muôi su tiến hóa của nó không phát triển nó mý ngan cấm su tu do su tiến hóa tu nhiên của tu nhiên van vât trên trái đất này .

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