[Old Video]Dam Bi so mad at Kwang Soo in Runningman Ep. 405(EngSub)

“RUNNINGMAN” which is aired in Korea On JUNE 17th, 2018.

[Seoul Broadcasting System]
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34 Replies to “[Old Video]Dam Bi so mad at Kwang Soo in Runningman Ep. 405(EngSub)”

  1. At first i dont like dam bi at all bcuz she seems like an ignorance person.. But after watching her on village survival i started to like her a lot.. Shes freaking hilarious

  2. I wish4 kwang soo get taekwondo kick like from Bomi or Muay Thai kick…!! It will be awesome to watch….

  3. Dam bi have been appearing in TV a lot off lately…and currently with SBS village 8 with jae suk, Jennie blackpink and etc..

  4. I feel sorry for the girl. It just that I felt every member was supporting dam bi tho and no one took Eun su’s side. Just saying I mean eun su didn’t even made it a big deal when dam bi was cheating and she even willing to repeat the game even when obviously she took out her hand the same time as dam bi does.

    Im not trying to judge or throw any shades towards dam bi but i think we should consider eun su too

  5. Pengen bisa jerit yg macem cwe di video ini deh. Yg macem sempritan gitu. Aku kalo jerit mesti jadinya AAAAARRRGHH!! gitu 😥

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