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21 Replies to “Photoshop CS5: Glossy Blue Logo Tutorial”

  1. Did anyone notice that this video was uploaded ont he 4th of July 2010, whilst his clock is 5th of July 2010? He uploaded the video before he created! illuminati!!

  2. dude thanks a lot this helped me so much in my ITGS IA…. i had to make a whole website and i was struggling with the logo but then this video helped me so much and the best part was i had to give all this by tomorrow morning

  3. if you are using eaprhones or headphones want voices in both ears
    take out your aux and plug it in halfway under your hear the voice fine works for me

  4. Anyone want me to make you one I can change the colour and whatever font u want email me at

  5. hello dear what will be the size of visiting card logo in photoshop because after printing the the cards the size will be changed please reply me

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