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48 Replies to “PLAYING 5 FAKE MINECRAFT GAMES! Fake vs Real Minecraft”

  1. The first 2 and mineblocks

    PS to rage mine blocks is the legit game made by zanzlanz because there where updates that he made

  2. Game one: Its like playing pokemon mixed with minecraft

    Game two: its like a fimilar game i played

    Game three: its basically an old version of minecraft with hacks

    Game four: its five nights at a theme park

    Game five: its 2D minecraft

  3. 3 Was an official Minecraft game, for the 10 year anniversary! It looks like it got a small update though!

  4. Rage my real name is landon I love your vids I've been with you since 200 subs pls give me a shout out

  5. Do you mean five nights in minecraft because you sed five nights at Freddys live a like if you subed

  6. What do you like
    A.Minecraft Flash
    B.Creeper Create
    C.Minecraft classic
    D.Minecraft Forever
    E.Mine Blocks

    Favorite: A. Minecraft Flash.

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