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26 Replies to “Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Episode 50 Aira Aurora Rising Dream”

  1. Looking back at this episode makes me realized that Mia and co didn't deserve to win the competition against Aira even if she was 'evil'.

  2. My childhood, I really like him, the song is also very good, the first season is the best, I am very happy that he wish him better and better.

  3. Damn it as a boy and a straight one at that I got addicted to this, nostalgia hitting me, watch all the original season

  4. 2019 here 🙂
    although i don’t really like Aira,I love her aurora rising and i like this song

    and i like Mion and Rizumu :))))

  5. aira and aurora dream will forever be my fav pretty rhythm series no matter what comes up its the best overall its so gorgeous the art, the plot, the romance, the friendship, the stars amd struggles of the spotlight, dreams, work, life and everything else this anime represents everything and this last performance of aira never fails to give me goosebumps no matter how many times i watch it…it delivers such a strong yet beautiful message its so impactful and emotional its just amazing…ty for such an amazing series and performance

  6. I still remember those days where i wanted to become a prism star as my occupation lmao

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